The new generation MA-Z3 combining the MA-Z1S brilliant road-holding and exceptional braking performance with quieter highway performance. Extraordinary performance aggressive directional tread pattern with a new microsilica-infused compound for brilliant highway performance with class-leading grip and stopping power in wet conditions. Very responsive handling rigid shoulder blocks and large tread footprint for sharp cornering and handling performance. High speed stability extra stiff casing with new body ply for improved high speed stability and handling. Long wearing new tread base rubber compound reduces excessive heat generation for consistent handling and wear performance. Jointless spiral-wound cap ply maximises ride refinement and durability. Reduced highway noise special pitch tread settings and circumferential tread grooves for reduced road noise and improved driving experience. Rim protector designed to prevent damage to your valuable wheels. UTQG 300 A A Tread Depth: 7.8mm